SLO 100

Dear SLO100 participants,

It has been more than a week since our trail took place and it is appropriate and expected from us to write something about it. The fourth trail offered paricipants different distances; 100 km, 50 km and 22 km. Beautiful nature of Notranjska attracted 111 people. The trail that was hard enough because of its rugged terrain was even more difficult to finish because of heavy rain. Nevertheless, exactly 100 competitors have finished the trail.

The Organising Committee would like to thank and congratulate all participants. Your positive energy and especially your perseverance is incredible. We are glad that we can organize an event were you can push yourselves past your limits. We are proud of each and every one of you. We would also like to apologize for all our slipups. We promise that we will learn form our mistakes and do better next time.

One big fat thank goes to our volunteers. You are like sunshin and because of you our event has a soul. Your positive energy helps SLO100 to be what it is, a TRAIL WITH SOUL! We must not forget volunteers from our parnter events and societies: Podbrdo Trail Running Festival, 100 OB MRZLI REKI, Milanja trail, who also gave their hearts in our trail, so a sincere thanks to you too.

Of course, all of this woulld not have been possible without our sponsors and supporters: Gorenje, Hoka One One, Olma, Monte Rosso Istra, Kibuba, BIMED Suho sadje & oreščki and Notranjsko Primorske Novice